Policies & Guidelines


Natures Resort is a nudist resort and clothing should be kept to a minimum. When the weather does not cooperate then some clothing may be needed, but in warm weather clothing is inappropriate and unacceptable.


Natures Resort desires to create a positive, up-beat, fun, stress-free and safe environment for everyone. These guidelines are designed to allow that to happen.

Quiet Times

10 p.m. to 8 a.m. excluding club social functions.


No breast or genital jewelry.


For your protection and that of others, please sit or lie on a towel while nude.


No smoking or vaping in any club owned buildings. The pool enclosure is smoke/vape free except for the designated smoking/vaping area in the south/west corner. Please be considerate of others when smoking or vaping outside and use butt cans to extinguish cigarettes.


Photos may be taken only with the permission of management and those in the photo. All electronic equipment must have a sticker covering the camera lens.  Stickers are available in the office.

Pool Area

Always shower with soap each time prior to entering any of the pools. The only exception is when you go directly from one pool to another. No lotions with oil are allowed in the pool area. Lotion or sunscreen that is oil free is permissible. No food and drink allowed in the pools. Food, drink, tables and chairs must be kept at least five feet from the edge of the pools and away from doorways. Absolutely no glass allowed in the pool area and no clothing allowed in the pools.


Free basic WiFi is available for your convenience.


Natures Resort is family oriented, and language and conduct will always be above reproach and of the type that requires no apology. All body contact is limited to simple expressions of affection and friendship. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in moderation. Drunk and disorderly conduct as well as offensive, violent, aggressive or lewd behavior will not be tolerated and is cause for ejection from the park.


Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior and must accompany children under 14 to the pool area. Children not potty trained must wear leak proof rubber pants in the pool.


There is a limit of two pets per site. While off your lot, all pets must be kept on a leash or other restraint no longer than six feet. The only exception is when owners allow their dogs to use the dog run, during which time the owner must be present. Owners must clean up after their pets at all times, including in the dog run. Owners must control barking dogs. Pets must have proof of necessary vaccinations. No pets are allowed in the pool area, guestrooms, club buildings or sites other than their own. No Pit-bulls, Rottweilers or any other aggressive pets.


We encourage beautification of sites, but please notify management prior to any digging, building or pouring cement. Please refrain from parking on or walking across sites other than your own.


Day guests may visit a member’s site at no charge. Day guests using the resort facilities must pay the day fee. Members are responsible for their guests’ conduct and any fees left unpaid. See office for guidelines for overnight guests. Members may not share their gate access cards or fobs with anyone. All guests must ring the office from the gate to have it opened for them.

Golf Carts

Electric golf carts are allowed on streets and designated areas and must abide by the 5-mph speed limit.


Please crush, bag and tie all garbage and use recycle areas when possible.


Persons with open sores or communicable diseases are not permitted to use the facilities.


Clothing is required when above fence line (i.e. on top of an RV) or outside of fence.


Illegal substances are prohibited, and anyone possessing them will be ejected.


Please observe all posted signs. Speed Limit is 5-mph. No firearms or fireworks may be discharged. Anything that endangers your own or others’ safety is prohibited.  Weapons of any kind must remain on your lot or in your vehicle.


No business is to be conducted without the approval of Management.

Natures Resort reserves the right to refuse admission or service to anyone and/or remove anyone from the grounds for any reason Management determines would be in the best interest of the resort and its members.