About us

Natures Resort has changed hands & Natures Resort has changed.

We are often asked how we ended up owning a Nudist Resort of all things. It all started a few years before covid.

I had been laid off from my job in my late fifties and could not find a suitable replacement that fit me. So we dug into savings and paid off the house. Now having zero debt and two decent and paid for cars it was time for me to settle into vacation for the rest of my life. In preparation for the time Cindy would join me. I did odd jobs and a few small remodels for friends and family. Quite satisfying for a time.

I had always dreamed of traveling more since I did a country-wide trip when I was 20. I thought traveling in an RV a couple times a year would be ideal for us. We traveled some while she worked. I traveled with my granddaughter, brother and cousin.

We had been backyard nudists and had recently started going to nudist resorts. We loved the open friendliness of the people. There is something about nudists in general that sets them apart from the rest of the folks.

Just before covid struck we saw an ad about Natures Resort for sale. I asked Cindy if we could visit and her stern answer was “not for six weeks” and not the ‘NO, are you out of your mind?’ I was expecting. Anyway, we visited and fell in love with the place and people.

After Covid, weird legal advice, banking challenges and long negotiations we managed to seal the deal.

I am intrigued by the nuts and bolts of business and Cindy cares about people while enjoying social activities and really loves the water; pools, hot tub and beaches. The combination has been fantastic. I also love to dig in and make improvements that have an impact. We are well on our way with some very meaningful changes. Better gate security, improved air conditioning in the rental rooms, office, craft room as well as the pool hall. New skylights in the clubhouse. We now have RV storage. What we are most proud of is the new shade structures and expanded pool deck that enlarged our outdoor covered seating. And the list goes on.

This is not only our new home, it is our passion. We feel that we are the stewards of this great place for the time being. It is our goal to love and nurture Natures Resort so it is even better when we turn it over to whoever comes next. This will not happen while we are able to care for our park. But we must prepare for that future eventuality.

Please come and visit us at Natures Resort. We would love to meet you and hear your stories also.

Yours truly,
Bruce and Cindy Fullerton

Still all very true …

Natures Resort continues to thrive and grow, and during the winter months we are a hive of activity as many folks exchange the snow and cold of winter up north for the warm Texas weather . Over the years many new activities have been added or expanded upon. Fun-in-the-Sun started as a weekend of fierce but fun competitions. With many added events (including the hilarious Blind Golf Cart Race) it now runs for 10 days each February and is the highlight of our busy Winter Season. Other events that have been added are our Annual Beer, Wine and Brats festival, a Luau Street Party and the Owners Appreciation Dinner & Dance. During the winter months our huge clubhouse is used for dances, aerobics, yoga, Wii bowling, pot lucks, a talent show, karaoke & open mike nights, craft shows, garage sales and various meals. Other indoor activities include cards, dominoes, darts, billiards, crafting, bible study, country dance practice and there is always a community jigsaw puzzle to work on in the library. Outdoor activities include petanque, horseshoes, shuffleboard, pickleball, water volleyball and water aerobics. Our winter months are as busy as you choose to be, or you can just relax around the pool or in the hot tub.

In the summer Natures takes on a completely different atmosphere. Once our winter Texan family has returned to their northern homes there are very few organized activities other than Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day picnics. All the facilities remain open and available for use but most people prefer to lounge around or float on a noodle in the pools. Summer is a time of peace and tranquility where folks come to relax and renew.

We extend a warm invitation to you to visit us and give us an opportunity to show you around Natures. We are located in the southern tip of Texas, 16 miles from Mexico and 60 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and beautiful beaches. Close to wildlife, bird and butterfly sanctuaries, interesting museums, good dining and shopping opportunities that range from flea markets to upscale designer stores.

Contact us today for information or to make your reservations!